Walking in Sigri - Round of Sigri

Sigri Walk

Sigri can be reached by ferry (via the port, or private boat/yacht) or by car. Once here, it is easy to explore Sigri on foot and discover its hidden treasures.

Let’s begin our cyclical walk, which is approximately 1400m long, with slight downhill paths at the beginning and then some inclining ones (if you begin at the Museum) or vice versa (if you begin at the port). 

At an easy walking pace, it will take you about 30 minutes to complete this walk.

The walk can be divided into five sections:


From the Museum to the panorama spot

250m, downhill


From the panorama spot to the port

220m, downhill


From the port, to the central square, to the fort (kastro)



From the fort (kastro), to the village beach



From the village beach to the Museum

200m, uphill

BONUS Section: A quick route for those who are in a hurry:
A – C > museum – old house – fort – central square