Walk Sigri: BC > From the panorama spot to the port​

Let’s start the second part of our walk!

We are now are the northeastern edge of the village.

We will make a u-turn and head west, towards the houses, some old, others newly built. Soon, to our right, we can see one of the narrowest streets in the world!

At a distance of about 100m from the fountain, take a right and then an immediate left.

In 50m, you will come across a split in the path. To the left, you will see the steps leading up to the village bakery, and continuing on that road will lead us to the village church and the central square.

The right, downhill road will take you to the small church of Agios Theofanis.

In front of the small church is the fishing dock and to the right, the port If we head towards the left, we will again be in the center of the village.