Walk Sigri: EA > From the beach to the Museum

Having walked through the village or taken a dip in the sea, we can now make our way to the museum.

Across from Veranda café, take the inclining cobble-stoned road.

Cars will take a right here to follow the ring road to the museum, but we will walk through the village instead….

Go left, where we see an intersection, with a road on the left and stairs on the right.

If we take the left road, we find an other 18th century Ottoman fountain with an Arabic inscription after about 20m.

If we take the stairs on the right, we will see a wall mural on one of the houses

We continue, moving to the right.

Continue straight, following the path until we again come to a cobble-stoned road.

Take a right up the road, and you will find yourself directly at the entrance of the Museum, close to the old windmill.

Sigri is full of surprises, which you can discover while walking through and exploring this small Aegean village.