Walk Sigri: CD > From the port, to the central square, to the fort (kastro)​

In this part of the walk, we will visit the center of the village, including the port, the fort (kastro, the main church, the central square, main shops, the school, and the hamam.

Let’s begin, then, from the fishing port of the village, where small fishing boots dock. To the right is the port, where ferries from mainland Greece land. Directly across from the entrance of the port is Café Loca.

With the sea on our right hand side, we walk down the road.

On our left, we will find the only ATM in the village…

…and in front of us, Cava D’oro Restaurant. Just past Cava Doro, is the children’s playground.

Turn on the slightly inclining road, which is the main road of Sigri and leads one directly through the village to the beach. We see a fountain on our left, and an intersection.

If we continue straight, we will end up at the beach. If we turn right, we will see the school and the fort/kastro. If we go left, we are at the central square, with its cafes and restaurants and the central church.

On the corner, directly in front of us, is the traditional café “To Kentron”, the Australia restaurant just next it, and further down, Porto Sigri cafe.

Just behind the cafes and restaurants, we can find the Port Authority of Sigri and the Sigri Honey Workshop.

Walking through the central square, we see in front of us, the impressive building of the church of the Holy Trinity.

It is a three-storied building, which was initially built as a mosque and then converted to a Christian church. In the basement, there is an old water cistern.

Going up the stairs to the left of the church, there is a community building, where the doctor’s office is…

… and a small fruit/vegetable shop.

Taking the road to the right, opposite the church building and behind the café Porto Sigri, one can see the hamam, which channeled water from the church’s cistern.

We can get a better view of the hamam if we continue up this road and circle the land on which it is found.

From there, we can take the small path with the stairs, and end up back on the main road which leads to the beach.

Of course, you can do a loop and make your way back to the main road via one of the other small streets.

Cross the main street and we see the elementary school/daycare center (yellow building)…

Just next to the school, there is the “Troon”, the war memorial monument.

The fort (kastro) of Sigri, built by the Ottomans in 1757 on the site of the Genovese fort, has an imposing
entrance. Currently the fort (kastro) is being restored and we hope it will be open to visitors soon!

Don’t forget to take a photo in front of the fort and towards the beach, which you can see towards your left.

From the entrance of the fort, you can also see the unique way the village homes rest atop the rocky shore.

Enjoy the view before continuing on the next section of our walk!