How to get to Sigri

By Boat

The first and most direct way to get to Sigri is to travel by boat. From June to September the port of Sigri is connected by the Piraeus–Mykonos–Mesta (Chios)–Sigri ferry.

Hopefully the development of a more frequent service will happen on completion of the new harbour in Sigri. Before then, one can book a ferry online or with travel agents on the island.

By yacht

As natural shelters, the bay and the harbor of Sigri offer excellent mooring spots for yachts. Access to the bay absolutely requires good navigation using your sea charts, especially during rough weather! As yet there is no bunkering place available.

By air

The fastest way to get to the island of Lesvos is by air. The airport is located near Mytilene and is connected by direct flights to Athens, Thessaloniki, Aegean islands, and also charter flights to several destinations in Europe. Information on air routes can be found on the websites, and the websites of several European companies offering charter flights. Tip: search for “charter flights Lesvos.

By road

Sigri is 90 km away from Mytilene. From Mytilene you first take the Provincial Road Mytilene–Kalloni. The road Kalloni–Sigri is in the process of reconstruction, the main part of which is expected to be completed during 2021.

By bus

After arriving in Mytilene, you take the KTEL bus to Sigri. The journey takes about two and a half hours, the ticket costs €10.90. Please check for info and timetable as this is not a frequent service. KTEL Lesvos, tel. 0030 22510 28873.

By cab

The journey by cab takes about an hour and a half. One can make a reservation for a taxi from Sigri. SIGRI TAXI: 0030 22530 54329, Nikos Chliampas: 0030 697 495 1893, Spyros Chliampas: 0030 694 487 5204. Alternatively, take a taxi from the port or the airport (but please support our local business!)


Several smaller and larger car rental companies can be found on the internet, and at Mytilene Airport. One of these also rents out of Sigri: IGFA Car Rental Branch Office
Virtually all will provide car pick-up from and return to Mytilene airport.