Walk Sigri: AC > Museum – old house – fort -central square

A quick route for those who are in a hurry!

From the museum, we can take a quick stroll through the village, passing the central square and the fort. We need about 10 minutes, following the dawnhill road. Directly across from the museum entrance, there is a flat rooftop, of a building which houses the Sigri Cultural Club “Theofanis Sigrianis.

Take the road to the right of this rooftop.

Turn left now.

Pass the lot with the old stone wall and head down the left road, for 40m Turn right.

At the next three way intersection, we will see an old renovated house, with a “sachnisini” (protruding upper floor) and a large garden.

Next to this house there is an old fountain.

Continue straight down the road past the garden.

Soon, you will reach Calma cafe.

Take the downhill path to the mini market, go right towards the gift shop. Remezzo (to your left), and directly in front of you, you can see the fort!

We are just steps away from the central square and the port!