Walk Sigri: AB > Museum to the PanoramaSpot

The Museum of Natural History of the Petrified Forest Lesvos is located at the top of the village and showcases the area’s famous natural monument, the Petrified Forest. It also hosts an extensive collection of findings from the surrounding area and from around the world. During the summer months, high caliber cultural events and concerts take place in the museum’s open-air amphitheater.

From the Museum’s café, visitors get a unique panoramic view of Sigri and its surrounding islands and landscape. A perfect place to watch the sunset!

We will begin our walk through Sigri from the entrance of the Museum.

Next to the Museum, to the right as we look towards the sea, we can see the old windmill, today a private home. It is one of the most photographed spots of Sigri.

Let’s walk right towards the windmill and take a photo. Then, head down into the village, taking the cobblestoned, declining road, just in front of the windmill.

Follow this cobblestoned road, passing by ground and first floor village homes.

At the first intersection, turn right, off the cobblestoned path.

In 10m, turn right again, for another 75m.

We find ourselves at the edge of the village and will come across a fountain on our right-hand side.

In earlier times on this spot, high up at the edge of the village, the wives of the shepherds would wait for their husbands returning from the fields at dusk on their donkeys after a hard day’s work. An opportunity to catch up on the day’s events!

A panorama spot! From here, you can see Porto and the bays of Faros. Towards the right is the valley of Sigri. In recent years, thousands of trees have been planted.

Towards the left, the new port of Sigri It is worth taking a pause here and snapping some photos.