Welcome to Sigri

Welcome to Sigri, a small picturesque fishing village on the western edge of Lesvos.

This special landscape, the deep blue sea and sandy beaches, the dramatic rock formations, the Castle and the islands, the natural energy of the place combining with the famous Petrified Forest Park, created by prehistoric volcanic activity in the area around ​​Sigri, a natural monument, recognized by the Greek State and UNESCO, are just some of the features that make it a unique experience for the visitor.

A natural harbour for all shipping, the port of Sigri is located at a key point in the Aegean, and the brand new harbour aims to highlight this advantage.

The soil of the area is mainly volcanic, with low mountains and hills covered with a low scrub, predominantly phrygana. However, the plain of Sigri, around Paleochori and Faneromeni, is very fertile, fed by the rivers Tapsa and Kourounderes.

In recent years, olive trees have been widely planted, as well as several kinds fruit trees, and balsa trees for wood production.

Sigri’s clear seas and beaches are an attraction for visitors looking for a swim in the refreshing blue water.