At first glance, the natural landscape of Sigri seems barren. With a second glance you can see how rich this land is and how much it offers. Sigri invites nature lovers for short or long walks, rural roads lead to magnificent mountains, valleys or the fertile plain of Sigri, while the paths stretch over the fields. You will discover the rich local flora – wonderful flowers, phrygana, shrubs and trees, and also birds, turtles, frogs and reptiles, and many other animals. You can also see the varied rock formations as the result of prehistoric volcanic activity. Walk around the chapels and get to know the old settlements in Paliochori, Metochi and Limena.

During the winter months the countryside of Sigri is rich in grasses, mushrooms, snails and during the spring and summer months with fragrant oregano, wild thyme and many flowers, some rare such as lilies and orchids, and others common such as amaranths, daisies, poppies etc.

(Coming soon: Detailed walking routes with maps)