Sigri Castle

Located on the west side of Lesvos on the edge of Sigri, unchanged and in relatively good condition, although parts of the walls collapsed due to the earthquake in 1889. It is small, square like in plan with four square watchtowers at the corners and a ‘katahystra’ (an opening from which boiling oil would have been poured) above the gate to protect it from enemies. The main gate closes with a double leaf, iron-clad wooden door and is decorated with a pointed arch of Arabic architectural style. It was built in 1757 by the commander of the Ottoman fleet Suleiman Pasha.

The security it provided led to the residential development of the area and the creation of the community of Sigri. In 1777 a company of riflemen and gunners was stationed in the castle of Sigri under the command of a guard. In 1789 the castle had a guard of 100 men and 200 cannons and maintained a military presence until 1912. During World War I, in the summer of 1915, it was the supply base and stronghold of the Entente (Western European Defense Alliance).Currently closed and awaiting restoration by the Ministry of Antiquities