Kavalouros (or Sedousa)

The origin of its name is unclear, but there is a reference by the European traveler Filippo di Frishn-Kanagi. In his “Journey of the East” (1573) he writes: “From the side of Sigri the island (Lesvos) is very barren, mountainous and deserted. Opposite Sigri is a rock called Kavala, or Kavalouros.”The islet has a characteristic shape – either a sleeping man or a cat – located west of Sigri and southwest of Nisiopi. It has a cave, which has been the home of the Mediterranean monk seal.The sea around Kavalouros is good for fishing, and you will always see boats close by. On the islet itself, wild spinach grows and scented with sea salt makes for the most delicious spinach pie.The locals say that “if the weather comes from Kavalouros, we will have rain.” So they’ll always look there to watch the clouds