Port, shelter and moorings

The bay of Sigri and the formation of the coastline create an excellent shelter for small and large boats during rough weather. During the summer months yachts mooring in the Sigri Bay are a common sight. The location of Sigri in the center of the Aegean, and in the middle of the route that leads […]

Public fountains

In Sigri several of the old public communal fountains are preserved, from which the inhabitants could not only drink, but also get as much water as they needed as the houses – with a few exceptions – were not supplied with water.These fountains were connected to the water supply network, which was built during the […]


Located at the top of the village next to the Museum of Natural History, it was used by the local population as a flour mill and bakery. The windmill has been renovated by its present owners and is used as a residence.

Sigri Lighthouse

The Sigri Lighthouse is located on the island of Nisiopi, also known as Megalonisi. It is located at an altitude of 53 meters above sea level and is visible from a distance of 20 nautical miles. The height of its tower is 20 meters, and its focal height is 55 meters.The lantern was made in […]

Sigrian Hammam

The hammam was also built on the initiative of Suleiman Pasha. It is located in the main square, opposite the Holy Trinity, the main church of the village. It was an artificial hammam which was supplied with water from the nearby cistern in the basement of the church, and connected to the village water system. […]

Sigri Castle

Located on the west side of Lesvos on the edge of Sigri, unchanged and in relatively good condition, although parts of the walls collapsed due to the earthquake in 1889. It is small, square like in plan with four square watchtowers at the corners and a ‘katahystra’ (an opening from which boiling oil would have […]