Painting and Fine Arts

Sigri Arts Retreat is a series of art workshops, taught by established artists and serving all levels. We focus mainly on painting and creative writing, but our goal is to expand into all the arts (theater, dance, music, etc.), and therefore, we welcome professionals who would like to use our infrastructure for to host their […]

Botanical Trips

The natural wealth of Greece is huge and probably unknown to most! Really, do we know the plants in our area? The flowers, which bloom in their time each? Phrygana, aromatic and healing herbs? Shrubs and trees that grow in rivers? Greens and which of them are edible? Do we know the mushrooms, some of […]


A satisfying variety of routes, for bicycle lovers, exists in Sigri! Although there are no marked bike lanes, all roads are bike friendly – depending on size, requirements and capabilities! Children’s bicycles, with auxiliary wheels, for riding, with speeds, electric or mountain – all have their place here!The rural road to Faneromeni is paved, the […]


What can be more beautiful than a romantic boating trip! Rolling on the blue of the Aegean! To sail from Sigri – to see it from another angle, to explore its islands. It is not a dream! A dream that easily comes true!In fact, the Museum of Natural History has a boat with a glass […]


The sea area of Sigri is famous for the variety and abundance of catches. Either with fishing line from the land (the pier or a rock that you will choose), but also by boat if you have, you will enjoy this nice pleasure that fishing gives.Remember to follow the instructions of the Port Authority and […]

Water Sports

More and more fans enjoy water sports, which are constantly developing and evolving. Sigri Bay is a safe place for all water sports lovers, even for beginners. The frequent north winds that blow in the summer, our well-known “meltemakia”, are ideal for those who want to take advantage of the air in their sails, doing […]

Underwater photography

Spectacular beauty characterizes the seabed around Sigri. In addition to marine plants, fish and mollusks and other sea animals, the seabed here hides another secret: underwater fossilized trees! Dive responsibly, following all safety rules. Respect nature.


In Sigri, shores are adorned with beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming: small, larger or tiny, with people or private, with sand or small pebbles or rocks sculpted by the wave and the wind. If you do not prefer the organized beach at the southern edge of the village, you will need to travel, either by […]

Bird Watching

Birds are the easiest group of wild animals to study in their natural environment (especially common species). One can observe their behaviour, discover the diversity of their colours and sounds – listening to their birdsong can be a special experience. Lesvos is an ornithological paradise. Hundreds of species of birds have been observed here to […]


At first glance, the natural landscape of Sigri seems barren. With a second glance you can see how rich this land is and how much it offers. Sigri invites nature lovers for short or long walks, rural roads lead to magnificent mountains, valleys or the fertile plain of Sigri, while the paths stretch over the […]