Fanes (or Skordonisi or, simply, Nisaki)

The smallest of the three islands of Sigri is located south, near Limena, and is the habitat and breeding ground of the Aegean gull.Interestingly, in old maps of the port of Sigri there is a path that connects this island with the nearby mainland, and divers confirm that at the bottom of the sea stones […]

Kavalouros (or Sedousa)

The origin of its name is unclear, but there is a reference by the European traveler Filippo di Frishn-Kanagi. In his “Journey of the East” (1573) he writes: “From the side of Sigri the island (Lesvos) is very barren, mountainous and deserted. Opposite Sigri is a rock called Kavala, or Kavalouros.”The islet has a characteristic […]

Nisiopi (The Island of Silence, or Megalonisi, or Meganisi, or simply Nisi)

According to the legend, when the Greeks left Avlida to occupy Troy, Agamemnon first went to Lesvos to capture it, because the island was an ally of Troy. When his fleet arrived at Nisiopi, thinking that it had reached Mithymna (today’s Molyvos), he ordered silence so that the soldiers would not be noticed. They disembarked […]