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Cultural – Educational – Athletic Club of Sigri “Theofanis Sigrianis.” Our Association, based in Sigri, was founded in 1978. It took its name from Agios Theofanis, who was the founder of the Monastery of Ypsilou. Its goal is the development of Sigri in various ways – cultural, educational, sporting, social and economic. Since it began, […]


SIGRIOU MUNICIPAL DISTRICT – 22530 54218ERESOS TOWN HALL – 22530 53600, 22530 53214, 22530 53557CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER – Antissa 22530 56255 / Eresos 22530 53557SIGRIOU CLINIC – 22530 54404HEALTH CENTER Antissa – 22530 56440, 22530 56442, 2253 056444, 22530 35000VOSTANIO HOSPITAL Mytilene – 22510 57700PHARMACY Antissa – 22530EFIMERIOS (PRIEST) – 22530 56588HOLY MONASTERY OF YPSILOS […]


January January 6th: 6 ΙΑΝΟΥΑΡΙΟΥ: Holy Light Celebration. February March March 13th: Saint Theofanous Sigrianis Celebration April Friday: Panagia Faneromeni Celebration 23rd of April: Saint George of Nisiope Celebration May May 1st: Celebration of Taxiarchis at AsomatosSunday of Pentikostis: Great Celebration of Saint Trinity June June 23rd: Fires of Saint John at Sigrian alleys June […]

Saint Vlasios

In a privately owned area, 1 km from the village, this elegant church was erected in memory of Saint Vlasios.

Saint George in Nisiopi

On the island of Nisiopi is the church of Agios Georgios (Saint George). The foundations of the former, larger church can still be seen. The small church that exists today was built by local people in 1953 and a service is performed annually on Saint George‘s Day when pilgrims are transported by boats from Sigri.In […]

Saint Anna, Saint Nicholas, Saint George

In the interior of the Sigrian countryside, on both sides of the river Tapsa, along with the ruins of houses there are three more chapels. On the left is Agia Anna (Saint Anna), built in 1904 by the monk Pagrati of the Holy Monastry of Ypsilou.On the right bank of the river nearby are Agios […]

Prophet Elias

In the location of Faros, about 2 km from the village. The chapel of Profitis Ilias was built in 1995, in a prominent position, with a wonderful view towards Sigri.


About 2.6 km from Sigri, on the slope of the hill of the same name is the church of Taxiarches. It celebrates its name day on the 1st of May. Inside it has a well. The view from Asomatos to Sigri and its coastline and islands is magnificent and also the sunsets are magnificent.

Agia Paraskevi (Holy Friday)

In the old settlement of Paliochori, about 4 km north of Sigri, built on a rock is the church of Agia Paraskevi. It was the place of worship of about 15 families who lived in the surrounding area. Ruins of an older early Christian church have been found here.

Panagia Faneromeni

Located on the beach of the same name, 3 km north of Sigri.It is built in a small cave that starts from the edge of the beach and descends into the rock, creating a stunning, shadowy natural chapel.Here people celebrate Brilliant Friday, Zoodochou Pigi (the first Friday after Easter).