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"Sigri is the land of the gods"

-Albert Camus

west LESVOS island

On the western tip of the greek Island of Lesvos, is Sigri: a small village with an astonishingly exotic, wild and poetic heritage


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monumental nature

must see

The oldest petrified forest park

explore sigrian wonders

Unique monuments

The Petrified Forest Museum

Remnants of a lush forests, buried under a gigantic volcano eruption nearly 20m years ago

The Castle

Established by the Ottomans during 1757 on pre existing Gatelouzian fortifications

The Lighthouse

Established at 1861 by the French Lighthouse Company

astonishing experiences

Wind & water

Wind and Water

Enjoy the sea

majestic beaches

The local vicinity is blessed with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and breathaking natural earth formations

South to North, starting from Eresos there is Tsichlionis (1) beach and Telegraphos (2) then Lafri (3) and Limena (4), Plaka (5) and Sigri (6). Moving further there are Labrini (7), Paliokastro (8), Andromachis Agali (9), Hasanaria (10) and then the great Faneromeni beach  (11) with its glorious white rock and Limanakia (12), Keradmidi (13), Megas Limenas (14), Ai-Thanasis (15), Pochee (16) and finaly Lapsarna beach (17)

Sigri Beach

Water Sports

Established Water Sports Company providing Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing Services


Abundant sea life and a long and prosperous fishing tradition  


Walking trails through untamed lands, interconnecting all sights of the vicinity.

untamed tranquility

A safe harbor

Sigri is the Greek for Safe


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Sigrian Gastronomy

Fresh fish and rich traditional delicacies, from more than five distict gastronomic invitations

Local Products

Olive oil, Cheese, Pasta, Fruits and Vegetables, Yoghurt, Local Fresh Beer and many more

Sigrian Hospitality

Get in touch with us to arrange the perfect place for your visit!


Δ. Αβραμέλου – Γιαλαμά: +30 22530 54260

Γελεκή Ανθίππη: +30 22530 54371

Γ. Μ. & Δ. Βαβάλου +30 22530 54275

Γιαλαμά Φανή  +30 2253054201

Γκέντση Άννα: +30 22530 61941

Γκιγκιλίνη Βαρβάρα +30 22530 54347

Γούτος Αναστάσιος: +30 22530 54216

Ιωαννίδης Επαμεινώνδας +30 22530 54327

Ιωαννίδης Κωσταντίνος: +30 22530 54254

Καλαϊτζής Αντώνιος: +30 22530 54443

Κομνηνού Ευαγγελία: +30 22530 54554

Μάι Αναστασία: +30 22530 54427

Σαμαράς Δημήτριος: +30 22530 56346

Τσίκνα Μαρία: +30 22530 54225

Τριανταφύλλου Χαρ: +30 22530 54310

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albert camus

But beyond the far-reaching natural history of the island, I am very much impressed by its inhabitants. Just as you think them dry, like the oak trees surrounding them, you discover they house valuable, hidden treasures deep inside their souls, like the silver of their olives. That is where I will live in this island, on the western edge, on the bare rock of that picturesque fishing village. Who knows, maybe forever…’

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