Holy Monastery Pythari

Twenty-eight km from Sigri, nestled in the dramatic landscape in a deep gorge with the dam of Eressos forming a lake, is the Monastery of Pythari. Dedicated to the Archangels, it is a Byzantine monastery with invaluable icons, religious objects and frescoes.

Holy Monastery Perivoli

The convent of Perivoli is located at a distance of 20 km from Sigri, between Andissa and Vatousa. It was built in the Byzantine style, and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was rebuilt during the years of Ottoman rule (around 1630). The images of the wood-carved iconostasis and the frescoes dating from the […]

Holy Monastery of Ypsilou

As you come to Sigri by road you see the Monastery of Ypsilou, built by Agios Theofanis of Sigri. It sits on top of the cone of an extinct volcano with an impressive castle form, it is dedicated to Saint John the Theologian. The church is well known for its hagiographies, and invaluable ecclesiastical objects […]