Other Sigrian Beaches

Lambrini Where the road to Faneromeni leaves the coastline, where SigriSurf is located. Plaka (very nearby, go on foot) offers many small coves for the individual or for a few. Lafri Difficult to reach on the peninsula of Saratsina (at the Cape of Spanos or Sigrion; there is a lighthouse which you can see from […]

Andromachi Beach

Andromachi beach is on the road to Faneromeni and because of development are now difficult to reach as you would have to go through private property which has been fenced off… or go by boat. Rest assured that the destination is worth the trouble

Telegraph Beach

If you have an appetite for climbing, after reaching Tsichlionta you turn to the right and walk for a while, climb the mountain and on the other side you will see the beach. Alternatively go by boat. It is a smaller sandy beach with equally deep waters.

Tsichlionta Beach

This beach is located about 7 km south of Sigri on the dirt road that leads to Eresos. It is a large deep blue sandy beach, with deep water.Again, there is no shade to be found anywhere, so do not forget to bring your umbrella, and drinking water! The road is accessible, with care, but […]

Limena Beach

Located 2.7 km south of the village on the dirt road leading to Eresos. The road is accessible to any car, except after very heavy rain, or a good 30-minute walk. You have arrived when you see a large stone building on the left side of the road. Park your car there, and walk through […]

Faneromeni Beach


Located 3 km north of the village, it is accessible to any type of car by a concrete road. It is also a pleasant walk through the rural area, but will take around an hour.The beach is sandy with pebbles in some places. It is separated into two parts by the imposing White Rock. The […]

Sigri Village Beach


Located at the southern end, and a short walk through the village. A clean sandy beach, with clear waters, showers, changing rooms, a cantina, benches, sun shelters, lined with tamarisk trees which also provide some shade and coolness. At the start of the beach you will find the Veranda cafe/bar and behind it the Plaza […]